Top 5 Personal Uses for Car Door Magnets

Car signage is most-often used for commercial businesses and marketing efforts, there are actually a lot of ways car signage be used in someone’s personal life. Customers who are looking to personalize their vehicle can use car signage as a more-affordable alternative to a new paint job. A popular car sign product is car door magnets. Many people have seen this product as a replacement of the bumper sticker because it can be easily removed, does not have an adhesive, and is looked at as a classy item. Bumper stickers do have a history with automobiles but are tough to remove. The car door magnet can be installed and removed in seconds with damage to the car or too much physical labor to the owner. Signazon put together some of the best personal uses for car door magnets which are highlighted below:

Cause Awareness—The most-common reason magnets are purchased by individual consumers are to spread an awareness about an event or a cause. You’ll see personal cause car door magnets cut into the shape of a ribbon and printed in the color that has been assigned to that specific cause. Pink is for breast cancer awareness, yellow shows military support, etc. Ribbon magnets are a humble and tasteful way to support a cause close to the heart and help bring attention to it.

Sports—Most people love to rally around a favorite sports team, whether it’s just a high school time or an actual professional organization. At games and around town you see cars that advertise their favorite team, but car flags wear out fast, and window paint comes off in the rain. Magnetic door signs, if taken care of, will last a long time and are weather-proof. When game day’s over, just take the magnets off and store them for next season. Hopefully you can purchase championship magnets for the following season.

Wedding—If there upcoming wedding in your family or circle of friends, consider ordering car door magnets to place on the vehicle. With this the happy couple will be driving away without having to worry about anyone not knowing they just got married! These can be designed using customizable templates or completely unique, whatever you choose or the couple would like. Rather than simply painting on the windows with shoe polish or washable paint now the pain of that chore can be no more and the removal process is too quick you will not know what to do with all your free time.

Graduation and Commencement—Similar to weddings, it’s common to see car windows that are painted around graduation season congratulating recently graduates. This is certainly fun and unique, but eventually it has to be wiped off because eventually you have to move on to the next chapter. By ordering graduation car magnets, you still get a custom look, but the magnets can be saved and stored for reflection later on at the class reunion. In addition, they’re a lot easier to take off than that shoe polish! You’ll be scrubbing for hours!

Covering Business Signage—Some homeowner’s associations, neighborhood boards, and cities actually stipulate that business signs are not allowed on vehicles when not being used for commercial purposes. This means that if you park a car in your driveway at night or on the street the advertisement needs to be removed. If your vehicle has permanent car signs, you’re going to have to cover it up in some way. Order blank magnets that you can place on your vehicle when at home, and then just take them off when you go to work!

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Top 3 expensive car accidents of 2011!

3. Ferrari 599 GTO. The cause of this accident is of course, excessive speed. This car’s mileage blocked at 250 km/h when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The result could have been even more catastrophic than in the picture, so “Thank God!”.

2. Nissan GT-R. Next on the list is Nissan GT-R driven by someone who strongly believes in NFS and thinks that this also applies in real life. The action takes place in Russia. Watch this funny video to see what I am talking about!

Nissan GTR_accident

1. Ferrari F40. Number 1 is occupied by another Ferrari which seemed to be in an unjustified hurry. This 500.000$ car had the same problem like the rest of them: excessive speed and too much unconsciousness.

Now please be more precaucious!

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Ford Focus 2012

It is widely known that one of Ford’s most popular and enduring models has become the biggest selling car in the world this year. But many of you cannot really find the reasons.

To start with, the imposing appearance of the front grille and bonnet, through to the slick bodywork and stylish set of its hatchback determine many fans to become real owners.

Ford Focus 2012

Secondly, this car is spacious and economical, and an excellent choice of engines and specifications mean the Focus has something to offer virtually anyone. Keen petrol 3-doors, thrifty diesels and the glorious, sporty ST model – whatever your preference this range will accommodate it.

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The Rocketman mini Mini

It is all around the world. CAR Magazine has reported that Mini’s mini Mini also known as the Rocketman has been cancelled.

Double hinged doors, carbon fibre spats, suede leather and paper material used in the interior, emphasised tail-lights and pull-out drawer at the trunk for loading and holding personal items are just a few of the characteristics of this ingenious car.

The reasons for the cancellation of its production are not due to marketing or costs but rather a variety of problems that included the considerable investment that Munich would have to make to make the city car meet current regulations and the stability, handling and crash performance of the small vehicle. In addition, The Rocketman concept was just 3419mm long (versus 3723mm for a current three-door Mini hatch) and 1907mm wide.





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Land Rover Evoque Convertible

Design director, Gerry McGovern, said that “Land Rover has a history of creating new segments; with the convertible, we believe we have an opportunity to do it again. It’s another twist on the Evoque story.”

The Evoqueconvertible concept has a powered soft-top roof with a glass rear screen, which is stowed  in a recess below the rear deck. The boot is re-engineered to fold down like the original Mini’s tailgate, while pop up rollover protection would be packaged behind the rear seats.



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Infiniti Emerg-E EV Supercar

Pictures of the Infiniti’s new electric supercar called the Emerg-E were made public. The images appear to be the official renderings for the Emerg-E showcasing a vehicle that is both sleek and sporty.

The car will be a plug-in hybrid that has a gas engine that acts as a backup generator.




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