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Fiesta ECOnetic – the most economical car from Ford

European Division of the Ford introduced the Fiesta ECOnetic London version, as the most economical product Ford and most of the environmental segment.
Fiesta ECOnetic is a special version of the model series, equipped with the same propellant turbo diesel of 1.6 liters and 90 HP.
First car was optimized in terms of aerodynamic. Height May reduced the covers special wheels and parts easily adjusted to allow for optimal air flow have allowed obtaining a coefficient aerodynamic better. Regarding the mechanical part, Ford has operated changes at the engine electronics, and the final report of transmission has been increased. Both the engine oil as well as that of Bin speeds are some special, low viscosity, produced by BP. Last but not least, the tires are developed specifically for a resistance as low.

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Diesel engine for Nano

The cheapest car in the world, Nano, manufactured by Indian group Tata Motors, will be equipped with a diesel by 800 centimeters cubes, developed by a German producer train rolling FEV, according to the online edition of the publication India Times. According to industry sources, diesel engine will have Bosch injection systems, and the rest of the propeller will be developed by Tata Motors and FEV.
FEV, with headquarters in Aachen, Germany, is an independent company to investigate and develop trains run for automotive industry. FEV collaboration with the Indian auto manufacturers is older, Mahindra enjoying FEV technologies for hybrid car Scorpio.
Initially, Tata Motors announced that Nano will have a gas engine to 623 centimeters cubes, coupled to a gearbox with four steps. Subsequently, Tata officials have left to understand that Nano will be equipped with a diesel engine and with a hybrid propulsion system.
Tata Motors- the Nano model introduced in January this year, and marketing in India will start in the last quarter of this year. The machine will cost 2,500 dollars.
Initially, the Tata group will annually produce about 250,000 Nano models per year, but anticipated that demand will reach one million units.
Indians intends to launch an improved version of the model Nano and the market in Europe, within four years. The version will be in accordance with regulations on the Euro 5 emissions of carbon dioxide into carbon, and protect passengers in case of impact will be enhanced.
Also, Indian auto manufacturer has shown that will focus in the first two to three years on the local market, before taking into account the export Nano models to Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.
And other manufacturers, including Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda Motor and Fiat, trying to produce small cars for emerging markets, where big advance sustained economic growth demand.

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Alfa Romeo wants a new speed record

The fastest model Alfa Romeo will compete on the circuit of salt to the Bonneville speed record fell in the category Blown Gas Modified Sports.
Even if aerodynamics and looks very modern, the model is built on an Alfa Romeo Spider in 1991 platform.
Named Bonnie, after the place in which he won fame, the car is put in motion by an engine with 4 cylinders, heavily modified and made a record of his class in 2002, for over 4 years to reach a maximum speed of nearly 350 km / h, only to be surpassed crew of a Nissan with an advantage of 7 km per hour.
This year, but Bonnie is back on salty lake and are planning to reach 368 km / h, which is meant to be a new record for its class.
Here are some images of the model produced for the record fell. Do you think that will succeed?

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Lotus Mastretta MXT

The Mexicans are not really found when it comes to auto manufacturers, but that does not make what they are proud. The Mastretta Design is a company that have not heard too many. This company is quite small and – local – is known for various automobile recreational, most products on the platform’s Beetle.
The Mexicans come now with something more original and quite seriously as a performance. It is the model MXT, which is working for some time and which is now close to serial production. Mastretta will submit the final version of the MXT Auto Fair from London and it seems that, even now, Mexicans have received several tens of orders in the UK.
MXT is a small car, built by the same recipe as Lotus Elise. Dimensions quite low, equipment is not easy and very powerful engine. Mastretta MXT uses a propellant of 2 liters, producing 240 HP and 250 Nm with a compressor. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h is estimated at less than 5 seconds and the maximum speed will be around 230 km / h.

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Hamilton – Real Winner at Hockenheim

The British pilot, Lewis Hamilton won the Sunday, the German Grand Prix dominating the authoritarian from the beginning until the very end race hosted by the Hockenheim circuit. The podium was completed Brazilians Nelson Piquet (Renault) and Felipe Massa (Ferrari).
Being in pole position at start, Lewis Hamilton has controlled the race from the first since Hockenheim at the end of the pilot whose McLaren-Mercedes team have an advance over two seconds in front of Felipe Massa, or main rival in the battle for world title.
The British continued to force, correcting several times best time in race to assign boss after the first scheduled at entrances stands. Hamilton returns to management after the first row of scheduled stops, Massa following its difference from a new second.

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Mazda Kazamai – Special for Russia

Mazda will introduce the Auto Salon in Moscow a new concept which pictures a possible crossover from the constructor. The name of the concept – Kazamai – should sound very well for the Russians and perhaps this idea has already been chosen, given that the design is developed specifically for this market.
Why was this concept for the Russian public in particular? Mazda says the joint press that Russia is one of the markets with the greatest growth in Europe – between the time Russia has already achieved the largest auto market in Europe after Germany competed, the leader until now – and the SUV are very appreciated by the Russians (such sales constitute about 20% of total).

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