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Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo

Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo
BMW let its 335i series sedan in its most desired tuner, Alpina.The result is a beast that developes 360 BHP at 5500 RPM, from a 3.5 liter petrol engine.To this engine is connected a six speed automatic transmission and the power is given to the rear axle.
Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo
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Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo
The performance are of course amazing, 0 to 60 MPH in under 4.9 and reaches a top speed of 177 mph.19 inches wheels can be mounted at the customers choice.

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Alpina Roadster V8 Limited Edition 333 (cabriolet 2-dr automatic)

Model: Alpina Roadster V8 Limited Edition 333 (cabriolet 2-dr automatic)

Specification of this car:
Engine: 4.8 L V8
Cc: 4,837
Fuel type: premium unleaded
Maximum power kW: 280
Maximum power hp/PS: 381
Transmission type: automatic
Number of speeds: 5

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