News and tuning about July, 2007

Dancing car

Very funny remake of Citroen C4 dance advertising! Wait until the end! :)

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Ford Mustang spin

Ford Mustang spin in a police car chase! Great video!

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Women’s car in service

Very funny video presenting a women’s car in a service! :)

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Police cars around the world

In this video, you can enjoy a lot of police car models, from around the world!

PS: Ignore the music!:)

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Toyota Supra drifting

Incredible drifting made by Toyota Supra.

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RUF 3400 K 400 hp celebration

RUF was celebrating its 25th anniversary with an extraordinary model, RUF 3400 K in two body versions: a Coupe (at € 79,800 + VAT) and a Roadster (at € 75,100 + VAT). 25 years of experience of RUF Automobile GmbH as an authorized automobile manufacturer are the reason for this edition model.
The fast mid engine concept with a powerful torque and high revving compressor engine offers incredible performance and driving pleasure at the highest level.

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