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Volkswagen Golf Twin Drive

Volkswagen introduced a new hybrid technology that we see in a series.
Volkswagen introduced the concept Golf Twin Drive which wants to join the constructors that bet on hybrid propulsion, as a future technology.
The model presented by VW has the advantage that has an electric motor that can be downloaded from an outlet power. The electric power propeller provides a maximum of 82 HP and allows the car to reach a maximum speed of 120 km / h. Autonomy’s Golf Twin Drive is approximately 50 kilometers, only the electric motor. The value is very good, given that most roads in towns (and back from work – for example) do not exceed 50 kilometers, so it can reach the level at which car to go only with electric engine.
To prevent situations in which the engine remain without electric power, and VW has installed a conventional turbodiesel, 2 liters, which provides 122 HP, which automatically enters into operation when the batteries were downloaded, or when there is a need for a power record.

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Ferrari California – The newest Italians supercar

A new set of pictures of California, the CC’s from Ferrari. After Ferrari presented the technical details of the model California, Italians were quite tight with pictures. Fortunately, the Germans from AutoBild have succeeded to take picture of the newest creation of the Italian manufacturer. So we admire California model in a set of pictures made on the street, you can see what it looks like the car with the hardtop up.
California has the first for Ferrari, a retractable hardtop that is fully in just 15 seconds. Basically it is a solution which allows the car to be both coupe and cabriolet.
CC-sized segment was opened for cars “normal” with the model Peugeot 206 CC, and the solution was immediately taken over by more and more builders.
The design of the new California doesn’t shock, but the car looks good and promises excellent performance on the circuit, despite the fact that it is not as rigid as a classic coupe. The aesthetically tubes be noticed by filtering arranged vertically in kind from Lexus IS-F.
The engine, mounted in front is a 4.3 liter V8 of providing 460 CP/7.500 rpm. Ferrari says that the car can accelerate to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds, and that with a speed boxes with double clutch and 7 steps. Also, in equipping the series listed system and traction control F1-Trac, available on the same 599 GTB Fiorano. All of the standard equipment is part and disc brakes with ceramic and carbon, so braking performance should be excellent.

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Scottish Car of 800 HP!

The super-sport cars market will be enriching with a new model. It comes from Scotland and proposes 800 CP. Although this information is now quite vague, it seems that the Scottish car, produced by Dowdeswell and Hardie and only Falen, will enter in series production. And what production! The Scottish wants to produce only 4 copies, they will probably sell at an exorbitant price to cover the costs of investment and development.
The good part for collectors is that D & H Falen will be … extremely rare.
Scottish car of 800 HP! Vehicle which attracts attention by its very aggressive design (and optical blocks to remember the model Gallardo) has a V10 engine of 5.5 liters located central, company officials announced that he will deliver around 800-HP. Equipment is made almost entirely of carbon fiber, so that the total weight is estimated at 1,000 kg.
The car will most likely be presented at the Auto Salon in Geneva next year.

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Maserati Granturismo S

Italians continue to promote Granturismo model S, GT-inspired Ferrari.
Maserati Granturismo is practically the third model in which Maserati returned in a world of good Europeans super cars. Running starts with the Coupe model (and its versions), but the car was good enough as to attract attention, but without excel. He attracted so much criticism regarding the way and held the way in which the engine potential through the gear box.
Quattroporte is a big name in the history of Maserati and the current generation has been very well received on the market, being seen as a real alternative to luxury Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Klasse because offered a single engine (not a the full range limo German) and that came directly from … Ferrari. However the return of Maserati was built on the foundations Ferrari. Technical platforms share a number of components and engines are produced by Ferrari. GranTurismo is a big step forward, first as design, it’s unlikely that Maserati to show ever (real) Ferrari regarding the technical side patterns.

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Alfa Romeo MiTo

After few pictures published presentation of the car, Italians from Alfa Romeo look MiTo all splendors. As in the case Lancia Delta, Alfa introduced a few months now only a few pictures, but enough to show the whole car, but insufficient to make it truly worth.
Here, however, and the set of photos that could increase than lists of customers seduced by the new model Alfa. In addition, it will be very interesting to see if customers will be Mini converted to MiTo.
The car is 4.06 meters long, 1.44 meters in height and width 1.72 meters and Italians say that they are a size suitable for road exceptional behavior. Mi.To will give the driver the possibility to opt for three different settings of the car: Dynamic – how sport, Normal – for running the city and All Weather – how conditions for poor adherence.
The Italians have already announced a range of 4 to propeller Mi.To – on gasoline and diesel, all super fueled, with powers between 90 HP and 155 HP. That will be the onset of sales, because people from Alfa say that something later and there will be more powerful engines. Probably it comes to a model with nearly 200 HP to compete on the Mini Cooper S.

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30 years and 300,000 BMW-M

The Bavarian mark celebrates 30 years and 300,000 models of famous department “M”. The story of success recorded by BMW M GmbH began with a limited range. In 1978, the company founded six years before BMW Motorsport GmbH, presented a model competition, with six-cylinder engine in line – located central – that would be used in newly founded ProCar competition. The machine – is the legendary model BMW M1 – was made in order to be original version of the series with 277 HP engine. Automobile with two seats, which have become a legend, was the fastest sports car series a German manufacturer. 445 BMW M1 units were produced until 1981, one of them being the Art Car project created by Andy Warhol.

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