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Oldest Running Rolls Royce at $7.2M

One of the Oldest Rolls Royce was priced at $7,275,000. Produced in 1904, this two seater Rolls Royce was restored by “racing star” Oliver Langton, the guy that found it in 1950 in a farm building at Seacroft and over time was only shared by three owners. This old car is powered by a 10 hp engine.
This price is the biggest ever paid for a Rolls Royce that after 103 years works like a charm.
It was sold through Bonhams’ Collectible Cars and Automobilia, in London.

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Mitsubishi Starion 2600GSR-VR

Mitsubishi Starion 2600GSR-VR is one of may favorites old car, date from the 80′s. In this video you can see its presentation and characteristics.

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I wish I’ve bought- Datsun 240Z

Datsun 240Z

3 days ago I’ve started to write about few cars I wish I’ve bought. The series is composed (until now) by: Lancia Delta Integrale, Ford Mustang and Volkswagen Golf GTI 1.8 Campaign. Now is about the Datsun 240Z.

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I wish I’ve bought- Golf GTI 1.8 Campaign

golf-gti-18-campaign.jpg golf-gti-18-campaign_2.jpg golf-gti-18-campaign_4.jpg

Two days ago I’ve started to write you a little article regarding one car I wish I’ve bought. The series started with Lancia Delta Integrale, continued with Ford Mustang, and now is about Volkswagen Golf GTI 1.8 Campaign.

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Classic Cars in Cuba

CCC- very funny! Yes, here you can see few classic cars that you can find in Cuba! Or maybe for them these are … supercars! :)

classic-cars-in-cuba.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_2.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_3.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_4.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_5.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_6.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_7.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_8.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_9.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_10.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_11.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_12.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_13.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_14.JPG classic-cars-in-cuba_15.JPG

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Old powerful car

Incredible power offered by an old car!

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