Top 3 expensive car accidents of 2011!

3. Ferrari 599 GTO. The cause of this accident is of course, excessive speed. This car’s mileage blocked at 250 km/h when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The result could have been even more catastrophic than in the picture, so “Thank God!”.

2. Nissan GT-R. Next on the list is Nissan GT-R driven by someone who strongly believes in NFS and thinks that this also applies in real life. The action takes place in Russia. Watch this funny video to see what I am talking about!

Nissan GTR_accident

1. Ferrari F40. Number 1 is occupied by another Ferrari which seemed to be in an unjustified hurry. This 500.000$ car had the same problem like the rest of them: excessive speed and too much unconsciousness.

Now please be more precaucious!

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