News and tuning about June, 2007

Dancing car

Super cool car! Good video!

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Tuning cars, 2007

In this short video you will see the most beautiful tuning cars presented in 2007. I love the music! Enjoy the video with loud speakers!

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What is a Tuning Chip?

I bet that you are wondering what means, how it made and what is the final result implanting a tuning chip! Well, I will try to resolve this enigma by this article.
Redoing the soft of the chip or chip tuning is almost the same thing, the difference consist of opening or not opening the computer. To redo the soft you don’t have to open the computer, the writing-reading operation is made by a socket connected between a laptop and the car computer. And than, a special soft rewrites the initial information from the fabric chip.
I will take for example a car with a 1.4 MPI engine.
The standard car, without any improvements (without a filter, without sport ejection), a 1.4 model with air conditioning, 75 hp, let’s say that is comfortable and spacious, too. That was just for fun! I made this model to look like a family model, not a sport one, with small consumption. We will make some changes to this model engine to improve its performances. What we need? For the beginning: a new tuning chip, a directed induction kit and a sport ejection, following a brand new set of agreeable rims with higher diameter, of 16” and an exterior kit.

The computer…

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Unbelievable car chase!

Just watch the video and tell me your opinion!

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2008 Audi TT coupe

I don’t know what I should tell you about this beautiful Audi!?!

Really, I don’t know with what to start and with what to finish, because for this beauty it’s enough only to see the pictures. So, I better let the pictures to speak!

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Saleen S7

If you speak about this beauty in your comment area for “Top 10 of world’s fastest cars” article, I better say a few things about it. Saleen S7 is a new and original idea from Newtech. The originally idea consist of a full contact brake system that will be installed as an original equipment on Saleen S7 super car. This makes Saleen the brake first customer. Saleen S7 was build after previous S7 models, which are vehicles of higher performance. It is known the fact that many Saleens are used for video games.
Saleen S7 has a full contact brake system, developed by New Tech and its French affiliates and is composed of sensors and an IBS (Intelligent Braking System) and a radically different circular pad, that distributes pressure over the full 360 degree surface of the disc.
saleen-s7.jpg saleen-s72.jpg saleen-s73.jpg saleen-s74.jpg saleen-s75.jpg saleen-s76.jpg
Saleen S7 it’s a remarkable luxury model, with novelty interiors, powerful engine and real performances. The look, the plane future and fast car impression offers to S7 refinement among the other models on the market.
Saleen S6 is made by Ford and has a top speed of 399 km/h. It reaches 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. Very good, but I’m not done! It has a 6 speed manual transmission, a 7.0 liter V8 engine and a maximum bhp of 750 hp/ 6,300 rpm. The car has been racing many times all over the world and has a big success in the IMSA’s American Le Mans Series. Here, Saleen S7 competes in the GT1 class.
After I’ve said to you few things about Saleen S7, now I’m waiting for you to tell me about what do you want to know more.
saleen-s77.jpg saleen-s78.jpg saleen-s79.jpg saleen-s710.jpg saleen-s711.jpg saleen-s712.jpg saleen-s713.jpg saleen-s714.jpg saleen-s715.jpg saleen-s716.JPG saleen-s717.jpg saleen-s718.jpg saleen-s719.jpg saleen-s720.jpg saleen-s721.jpg saleen-s722.jpg saleen-s723.jpg saleen-s724.jpg

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