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New ‘Adam’ Model

It is highly expected by Vauxhall that the Adam will beat the likes of its competitors MINI and the Fiat 500, with its unique stylish design and lots of hi-tech gadgets found inside the car.

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The Amazing Vauxhall Insignia

The newest and much waited for Vectra, Vauxhall Insignia amaze again by its self diesel model, which will be fitted.
It combines both the engine extraordinary economy, as well as a gas engine, thanks to an ingenious designing.
The standard diesel engines do not use the standard to “start” reaction combustion, they compress the mixture instead of air and fuel until the temperature reaches self-ignition, but the use of fuels without lead components need to give reaction started. Here, the new UACO offer superiority, because it works on a principle ingenious, sending a part of the gas emission back to the combustion chamber, ready to achieve the necessary temperature without using components.
Thus, until about 3000 on the rotations/ min, a reasonable figure for travel in urban areas, the vehicle operates on the revolutionary unit, followed, if accelerates, to pass on a system used. Economy of the new configuration is impressive, with 15% more efficient than standard vehicles.
Finally, we can say with honesty that, after more than a decade of research in the field, the UACO and prestigious vehicle that will “live” represents true model of the world automotive engineering.

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Vauxhall presents the new Insignia

Opel or Vauxhall presents the new competitor for Mondeo, Insignia, and a great model that it is 21 cm longer, 5 cm wider and boasts an extra 35 mm between the axles, compared with the outgoing Vectra.
Chassis-wise, the Insignia will pack a revised version of GM’s IDS active suspension system and optional adaptive all-wheel drive. At launch, engine options will include three petrol lumps and a pair of oil burners. The petrol options range from a 140 hp 4-pot to a 260 hp V6. The diesel option takes the predictable form of a 2.0 liter 4 banger in 130 hp or 160 hp trim. Vauxhall has not put a date on the arrival of either the EcoFLEX model or the inevitable VXR high performance machine.
Official interior images have not been released. The Insignia will initially be available in hatchback and saloon body styles. No official info as yet on prices, speeds and feeds. Do you like it?

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Vauxhall Astra VXR Nurburgring Edition

The Nurburgring circuit in Germany was tested by the new Astra VXR Nurburgring Edition.
Just as the ‘Ring Edition’s 237bhp blown four-pot is identical to the standard VXR, its chassis settings have also been left untouched.
Namely the striking white-with-black check accents paint job, 18-inch rims, again soaked in white paint, and a REMUS back box; and some interior graphics including the obligatory numbered plaque. All of which means “Nurburgring” is probably set to go the way of “GT” or “Grand Prix” and become tired, overused and hackneyed. In the next few years, no doubt, it will be brutally raped by the marketing men and plastered all over miserable little end-of-line hatchbacks with pencil-thin tyres and tinted-glass sunroofs.

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World Fastest Car

Vauxhall Victor

When you see the title, I bet you think about the Bugatti.
No? Maybe you think at the Ferrari Enzo. No, again!
It is about the Vauxhall Victor, which is the fastest ever street legal car.
It has a powerful 9.3, V8 liter engine of 2,200 bhp and can accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 1 second. Yeah, you reach me well. ONE SECOND! Amazing, huh?

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Vauxhall – your own supercar

Supercar performances are very good and everybody wants them, but how do you achieve supercar performance on a real world budget?

If you take a look at the Annual Performance Car of the Year review keenly and spend an considerable amount of time in advance of the test establishing exactly what cars take part.
With a real world budget of around £15,000, there are quite a few used car contenders worthy of consideration. Japanese muscle machines like the Mazda RX-7, the Toyota Supra Twin Turbo and the Nissan Skyline GTR-32 all easily fall within this budget but many of these are now getting a little old and all are cripplingly expensive to insure and run. The same could be said for cars like the BMW M3 and Porsche’s 968 Club Sport. Both are amazing cars on track but both wear big tires and high consumptions.

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