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Hamilton – Real Winner at Hockenheim

The British pilot, Lewis Hamilton won the Sunday, the German Grand Prix dominating the authoritarian from the beginning until the very end race hosted by the Hockenheim circuit. The podium was completed Brazilians Nelson Piquet (Renault) and Felipe Massa (Ferrari).
Being in pole position at start, Lewis Hamilton has controlled the race from the first since Hockenheim at the end of the pilot whose McLaren-Mercedes team have an advance over two seconds in front of Felipe Massa, or main rival in the battle for world title.
The British continued to force, correcting several times best time in race to assign boss after the first scheduled at entrances stands. Hamilton returns to management after the first row of scheduled stops, Massa following its difference from a new second.

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Lewis Hamilton at 196 km/h

I bet that reading the title it seams to be something normal.
Well, I think I should say that he was sanctioned by French police officers, because 196 km/h was the speed used on highway.
After Schumacher, another Formula 1 pilot had problems with the police, by speed exceeding. Lewis Hamilton, the British pilot that was at one step to win the Formula 1 title, this year, was catch by radar, on a highway from France with 196 km/h, where the limit was of 130 km/h.
Hamilton was driving a Mercedes CLK (I don’t think that he can drive something else than a Mercedes) and was receiving a fine of €600, but he is now without his driving license, for 30 days.
A French police representing officer said that Hamilton was coopering and willing when they stopped him and fined him.

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F1 races

“The duel with Gilles is something I’ll never forget, my greatest souvenir in racing. He beat me, yes, and in France, but it didn’t worry me. I knew I’d been beaten by the best driver in the world.”

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The McLaren F1

Only 100 examples were ever made: 75 road cars and 25 racing versions. Most people never saw one in their entire life. The reality is that only few saw one and much less drive one. This is as exclusive as it gets. The first public unveiled was in 1992 in Monaco. Only the reach and famous were invited. And now is a tourist’s attraction in London Park Lane. It was amazing designed to have a center steering wheel, exactly as a Formula 1 car. To learn more interesting things about this car, watch the video.

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A Lap Of France With Nick Heidfeld

Here you can see a lap of France with Nick Heidfeld, BMW Sauber F1 Team driver. The “Circuit de Nevers” in Magny-Cours is the setting for the 8 Formula 1 race of the season. Amazing driving simulator!

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Hamilton vs. Alonso

Hamilton and Alonso have always a big dispute, and not only on the F1 race tracks. It is a fight for the total supremacy, for bigger earnings, for a better advertising contract, for a better image… for everything! Enjoy the video!

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