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Stars and their cars : 50 Cent

A story about 50 Cent’s cars…

50-cent.jpg 50-cent-in-his-rolls-royce-phantom.jpg 50-cent_2.jpg
Rolls Royce Phantom
I am very proud to write a little story about the most famous rapper, 50 Cent! He has a $ 400,000 Rolls Royce Phantom (you can see it in the picture), but 50 wants now a convertible version. This kind of version isn’t on the market, but the US rapper told that he wants a convertible Rolls Royce Phantom and want to remove its roof. Although he is impatient, the best advice for him is to wait till’ 2007, the year announced to arrive the 100EX. 50 Cent has spent $ 200,000 bullet-proofing two of his cars. :)

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Thrust SSC – 766 mph

thrust-ssc_2.jpg thrust-ssc_5.jpg thrust-ssc_6.jpg
Thrust SSC
The title of “fastest car in the world” hasn’t resisted too long. And, of course we can talk and explain in many articles all about this. This one is about the series car that can be register and can circulate on public roads, but it’s no longer in production, which is powered by a internal combustion engine, a rocket model or one borrowed from a supersonic jet. Since 1997, the title for the fastest vehicle belongs to Thrust SSC, which surpassed the sound barrier: 1,241.727 km/h. The supersonic speed was hit thanks to a couple of 25,000 lb turbojet engines, produced by Rolls Royce, which develop 100,000 hp. Wow! That sure is amazing! Don’t you think? It is kind of unbelievable! Thrust SSC weighs 10 tones and has recorded the maximum speed in the Black Rock desert Nevada, USA on October 15, 1997. If we talk about an internal combustion engine, things are changing every year or maybe sooner. You all know that Brabus TKR is a super car powered with impressive performances, which will be a great rival for Bugatti Veyron. Those 1,005 hp permit it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.67 seconds and reach a 434 km/h top speed. Fascinating world… the automobile world! :)
thrust-ssc_7.jpg thrust-ssc_8.jpg thrust-ssc_9.jpeg thrust-ssc_10.JPG thrust-ssc_11.JPG thrust-ssc_12.JPG thrust-ssc_13.JPG thrust-ssc_14.jpg thrust-ssc_15.jpg thrust-ssc_16.jpg thrust-ssc_17.jpeg thrust-ssc.JPG thrust-ssc_3.jpg thrust-ssc_4.jpg
Thrust SSC

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Fiat Linea news

fiat-linea_2.jpg fiat-linea.jpg fiat-linea_3.jpg fiat-linea_4.jpg
Fiat Linea
Linea is the new family berlin car, which the Italians presented at Auto Show in Istanbul, between 2 and 12 November, this year. Fiat Linea will be produced, for the beginning, in 60,000 pieces annually, at Tofas factory, from Bursa (Turkey), and later in other European countries. New Fiat Linea will have 4.56 meters length, 1.73 meters width, 1.50 meters height and a 500 litre capacity rear boot.
fiat-linea_5.jpg fiat-linea_7.jpg fiat-linea_6.jpg
Fiat Linea news

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Fiat Linea video

This is a video presenting the new Fiat Linea, the car that was presented this year at Auto Show in Istanbul (Turkey), between 2 and 12th of November this year. It is a short video, but I like the music! :)

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BMW M5 + 1

bmw-m5-6-speeds.jpg bmw-m5.jpg bmw-m5_engine.jpg
BMW M5 6 speeds
Without any extra pay, starting with next year you can command your BMW M5 with manual transmission gear box, with 6 speeds. This super German car was available, since its beginning, only with a sequential transmission (called SMG) with 7 stages, this being a complain reason for the fans. The official explanation was not good: because of its power generated by the huge V10 (5 litres), speeds diagram was very complicated, and it couldn’t be put on a manual variant. It is funny to think that the Americans made the biggest noise! :) Eventually, the Germans renounced at one step and created a gear box which can satisfy any request! With richer equipment, the care is available over the Ocean, starting at €64,892.
BMW M5 + 1

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BMW M5 Taxi – Top Gear video

Great video presenting one lap around the Nurburgring with Clarkson and the fastest taxi women driver in Germany, driving a great BMW M5, and if we believe Clarkson, the fastest in entire world! Wow! This surely is amazing! Go, girl!

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