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Dacia Logan in the sport version – 133 HP

Logan model will benefit next year of a new motor, the most powerful range.
At this point, the most powerful model is the version Logan Prestige motor gasoline on the 1.6 liter, 4 valves / cylinder and 105 HP.
For this, Renault wants to make sales little impetus Logan model, which will be least affected by the launch of the hatchback Sandero and announces that next year the car will receive a new motor.
According to Mediafax, director of product Sandero worldwide, Sophie Albertus, said that the Dacia Logan will receive next year a new motor, the Twingo RS on the model.
It is the same propellant of 1.6 liters, with 4 valves / cylinder which already co Logan model in the 105 HP versions, but as of Renault Sport department to provide 133 hp.
Maximum power of 133 HP is developed at a speed high enough – 6,750 rpm.
Dacia Logan in the sport version – 133 HP! Engine will be taken with the same characteristics Logan, along with (presumably) the same gearbox with 5 steps and is expected to be dynamic performance quite good given that it will work and technical changes on the car, but also some design to emphasize the sports side.

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Dacia Sandero: from 7,800 Euros in France

Dacia launched the new model Sandero French market. Sandero model was launched in France, a market where the French see a very significant sales volume for the new hatchback Dacia.
Dacia Sandero: from 7,800 Euros in France. The cheaper version is at 7,800 Euros on the market in France, and the most equipped model, Prestige, cost 10,900 Euros.
For now, the French are available for only two engines, both on gas. It is 1.4 liter engine and 75 HP and the 1.6 liter and 90 HP.

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Dacia Logan Facelift

Dacia Logan presented the changes that will make on the facelift version. It seems that Dacia has some problems with the internal security, because it doesn’t succeed to keep under secret the new models, versions and upgrades. Everybody is speaking about the facelift model of Logan, but, until soon nobody knew how it will look.
It seems that now, few members of Logan Club forum obtained first photos with the new Logan.
The new facelift isn’t that original, because it has many aspects from the Sandero, that was presented at this year Geneva Auto Show.
I have to say that I’m not too impressed!
I’m curious to find out your opinion: Do you like the new Dacia Logan Facelift?

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2009 January – Dacia Sandero in Great Britain

Dacia, will launch the Sandero model on Great Britain market in 2009, January and will be commercialized of over 300 dealers of Renault. This was declared by the Renault UK General Manager, Roland Bouchara.
With the Sandero hatchback, Dacia will be on Great Britain market after a long time. Dacia launched the Sandero model at the Geneva Auto Show, this March and it is derived from the Renault Sandero model; it will be commercialized on European markets- Turkey and Maghreb, starting with this June. Renault is offering 3 years guarantee or 100.000 km for the UE clients. Dacia is starting to be a good competitor for many names.

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