News About The New G60 Sports Car

The new G60 sports car, a rival for Porsche’s 911 and Cayman as well as Jaguar’s forthcoming XE sports car, Ginetta has finally been revealed. This car is actually an enhanced version of the Farbio GTS, so it may look quite familiar to many of you. Fans must know that behind this little car , there is quite a history. Acquired by the businessman Lawrence Tomlinson in 2005 when he and his team began expanding the racing side of the business over the next few years. Ginetta announced in 2010 plans for the G40R and also acquired Farbio Supercars. F400 was later the new name of The GTS. But production was halted so the company could give the car a complete make-over. Consequently, now in 2011 the F400 is launched as the new G60.

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The New Porshce Boxster – Photo

Good news concerning the new Porshce Boxster. The car has been spotted during a test drive in the daylight and without any camouflage. The picture is in fact a very good one that allows us to identify the car’s characteristics and features.  For instance, you can easily notice if paying attention to the details, the rear of the vehicle sees a new integrated lip spoiler that spans right across the car’s rump, bisecting the taillamps.

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Nissan’s New Project

Photos with the Juke- R, the latest in a long line of go-faster models of Nissan were finally revealed. This car is a small crossover car creating the first ever Super crossover, a variant of Juke. It is actually, a mashup of the Juke and the GT-R. Even if Nissan is now manufacturing two road-going versions of the Juke-R (one left and one right-hand drive) that should be finished by the end of November, this one is considered to be “a one-off, road-legal concept car”. Unfortunately, at this time, there are not intentions of selling it to the public, but there still are some hopes. Some rumours sustain that this car is going to be built only for advertising and promotional purposes.

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Official Price Of The New Tesla Model S

Both new and official information about the Tesla model is available. It seems that, fortunately, the price will not increase, it will remain the same. According to Tesla, the base Model S, with an estimated 160 miles of range, will retail for about $57,400 with a tax credit of $7,500. As far as the 230 mile range version is concerned, this will carry a $10,000 premium with an additional $10, 000 if you want a chance at making 300 miles on a charge.  $77,400 will get you the top of the line Model S 300, a limited edition of 1000 vehicles, which will initially be named the “Model S Signature Series”. The prices are quite acceptable if we are taking all the features and advantages offered.

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Bentley Amazing Collaboration With Linley

It seems that Bnetley, together with a new partner, a British design company, Linley, want to revolutionise the car luxury by lunching 10 limited edition Continental Flying Spurs. the Chairman of the company, mister David Linley, has made a new for himself as the finest designer of luxurious furniture in the UK and why not, soon, in the entire world, is going to apply some “sophistication” to these cars.

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Car Magnets

Most probably, at some point or other during the rush hour you have been caught up vehicle traffic and stuck with nothing to do but read read magnetic car signs on the vehicles near you. Maybe you’ve observed a lot of cars showing off magnetic car signs with business advertising, snappy slogans, or even attractive artwork depicting goods and services. This may offer you a good idea at how powerful car magnets can turn out to be for advertising and marketing for just about any business. Car Magnets can offer you a huge variety of magnets and you can even customize them in almost any dimension, images, or even form you choose to opt for.

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